How to Cure Back Pain Naturally at Home

Curing back pain naturally is probably what you need most because you are done with expensive pharmaceutical medications, tickling process of acupuncture, or other factors. It is common that most of us have the chance to suffer from back pain. The source of pain can be daunting to find. But whatever the factor is, there is a good news for you. You will be surprised that actually you can cure it naturally at home. Moreover, you can find all the ingredients in your kitchen and home.
How to Cure Back Pain Naturally at HomeWe acknowledge that folks are too reliant to most advanced techniques like X Ray, CT scans, MRI, and so on. Back then in the past our parents used home remedies to prevent and cure the back pain. And if you are lucky, you will know a thing or two about them. These remedies were given from one generation to another. Unlike the pharmaceutical medicines, these home remedies do not impose any side effect and safe for everyone.

Ice Cubes / Pack
Probably it is the cheapest back pain home remedy that you can find. The idea here is to apply the ice on the affected area. The coldness of the ice will relieve the pain in minutes. As you are convenient to use this method, do not apply the cold ice more than 15 minutes. You can pull it out and wait for your body temperature to be normal, then apply the ice again. You can make your own ice packs from towel, plastic, or gel package. But there are also cold packs or ice packs sold in the market. You just need to fill the water and froze it. And then after the ice melts  you can reuse it without throwing the water out. Instead, you just need to freeze it again.

Find your lover or partner. Ask her to rub your back gently. If you are still single, it does not hurt to try professional massage service. You will know that it is worth your money.

Epsom Salts
As I said before, you can find the home remedy in your own kitchen. Use your epsom salt for your new way of bathing. Yeah, you guessed it right. Prepare warm water in your bathtub. Add around 2 cups of epsom salts and soak for 10-30 minutes, or until your back pain away. If you ask your grandparents, they agree that this works since epsom salts soaking method has been applied for decades by our ancestors.

It is recipe from my grandmother. She could not explain why it is an effective item to get rid of the back pain. I still remember when I was still 10 years old, she gave me a warm drink when I felt the back pain. She called it “Magic Potion”. Without asking a question, I drank the drink. It was sweet and a bit sour but I could enjoy it. Recently she gave me the recipe. So you just need to prepare warm water, add a two tsp of vinegar and add a teaspoon of pure honey. Drink it for every 4 hours or until your back pain gone.

These tips definitely save your time and money. Try one of these and let me know if it works. Don’t forget to share this article to your friends or family if they need to relieve from back pain. Adio

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